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Mark Freeman
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Re: VERY Basic Footwork Question

Roosvelt Freeman wrote:
Glad that you'll follow your sensei's instruction.

While ball pivoting, try different unweighting method, i.e. up unweighting and down unweighting. At beginning, you can
exaggerate the up-down and down-up movement to get the correct feeling.

Don't worry about the hostility between the two Mr. Freeman. Their hostility has nothing to do with your thread. They seem to enjoy poking each other's eyeballs anyway.
I have just returned from speaking to my Sensei, and he advised me to walk away from this madness on both the heel and ball of both my feet, as naturally as possible, while I still have my eyballs intact. He also said that I should learn when I am out smarted, and retire gracefully while I still have a shred of dignity and sarcasm left.

To anyone who has read this thread through, I'll leave you to make up your own minds.



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