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Re: VERY Basic Footwork Question

to John Reading,
one should not turn on the toes, of course you'll break them, they're not strong enough, one turns on the "ball under each of the big toes". That ball is just a bone that projects down, especially when one points his toes up. This balls can easyly support the weight of your body and they become the pivot point, and dont worry, point your toes up, so you don't risk breaking them and/or getting them stuck on the mat.
standing/turning/waling on the heels makes you have a very poor balance and/or be easily to get unbalanced for another person. The balance on the these "balls" is much, much better and more difficult to brake for another person.
In the begining turning on the balls under the big toes is harder, because you're using more joints (angle) and mucles (calves) to move you body, so requieres more coordination and effort, but with practice one developes the coordination needed to do it correctly (as in any other technique, you train to coordinate your body)
Turning on the heels generates just poor balance and is just not right, we're doing aikido here, and BALANCE is one of its key principles.

Bratzo Barrena
Aikido Goshin Dojo
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