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Smile Is there a way to unite all martail arts

hi every one, my name is justin and i am a 3rd kyu in aikido, high blue belt in taekwando (itf), and have started bjj 3 or 4 months ago. and i want to say that i have the utmost respect for any stlye of martail arts, and i sickins me to here people talk down at some one because of the art they train in. wsnt it Bruce lee, and Morihei usheiba, and Genral Choi hung hi who said "Peace and unity" it seems people are more interested in what they can do versus why they do it. people tend to lean toward the master that they learn from and thats fine, but what gives them the right to put down someone elses art. so if any one reads this thread think carefully of what you say the next time this topic comes up.
Thank you, no disrespect intended.
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