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Re: Shodokan, Tomiki, Aikikai?

James Smith wrote:
Me? No I totally suck. I haven't gotten past the atemiwaza section. I'm confident that if I keep practicing I'll learn all of the Junahon Kata. 17 no biggie. I'll learn them all. I just started taking Aikido seriously. I'll pm the hours I've spent in the dojo if you really want to know.
No Biggie!!! If you are truly sincere in reaching your full potential in this style of Aikido start showing Tomiki Sensei some respect. Junana no hon Kata is a work of genious, it is limitless in variation and application I'm a NiDan and feel that ive only just begun learning it, my sensei has been doing it for fourty years and its still opening up to her. You have been disagreeing with what myself and other Dan grades have been saying about the Aikido/Judo relationship, we haven't been making it up, it is what Tomiki Sensei's works teach us. Ettiquette is the secret to success in the Japanese martial arts please try to use it to the best of your knowledge at all times. It was very poor thinking and a lack of respect saying you could Shomen ate a Judoka's but when frankly at your level you couldnt shomen ate your way out of a wet paper bag and I doubt if your break falling is at a level you could withstand a Judo throw at high speed. Any way train hard learn from your Sempais and Sensei's, read what you can of Tomiki Sensei and always begin with ettiquette and end with ettiquette and God willing you will come to know the wonderful art that is Tomiki Aikido.
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