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Hi Chuck;

I know that in the context of Judo's kime no kata - kime means decisive.

In my time in Osaka kime was always used as an application of pressure which more often than not involves pain. The pressure application of Aikikai's yonkyo is a form of kime for example but there are many others.

So to answer your question I have no problems associating what I know as kime with decisiveness however when I worked through Judo's kime no kata the definition went beyond what I associated with it.

Real clear I know - but truth is I don't know exactly what kime means in the Shodokan context. To me if there is bone on bone pressure and pain is delivered that is kime.

Originally posted by Chuck Clark

How are you using the word "kime" in this instance?

Kime to me means "decisive" and can include pain but does not have to. As you say, techniques do not have to create pain to be effective.

Peter Rehse Shodokan Aikido
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