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Re: should there be an age for black belts?

" What about an upper age limit :-) " Mark Walsh

Don't go there my friend.................. Having started late in the game I was thinking that the minimum age for shodan should be about 54 - 55 !!!!!! ( Gee that's me; and my test is next month if knees, shoulders, hips and elbows willing) Not only that, but the other candidate is a spring chicken of about 35-36!!

Seriously; maturity and contribution to the dojo should be an important criteria for a shodan ranking.

In our dojo Sensei Inaba always tells us that 60% of any test evaluation, at any level is your dedication and consistency of practice. That doesn't mean you'll pass and I know that because I've had probationary passes with extra hours added and sometimes not tested even when I had all the hours required.

I quess it all boils down to what is a black belt. To me it means I've been recognized as a student who really is willing to continue to learn and develop in the art.

"I keep falling down, but I always keep getting up."

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