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The tread may be almost finished but I would like to add my 2 cents.
#4 someone holds you so tight you can`t move?
Is that not why you took aikido?
This is not why I took aikido but I found aikido very useful in this situation.
And were I train I am the biggest,strongest guy in the dojo, but this is why they like to train with me, my sensei never said anything to me about it ,but, when I am uke or nage for that matter,for him(sensei), I always step it up a notch , I noticed him observe the bruises and then look to me and smile, because throughout the waza he was always on top! I never offer retaliation, but strong uke.I do this to confirm the waza for myself, but in doing that I really give joy to those that want to know how "really" effective their waza is. Ohh the Joy that is shared! It is so comforting knowing that the waza really does work, not just for me for everyone! Sorry for the long story!

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