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Re: should there be an age for black belts?

Craig Constantine wrote:
...can you provide any references for this information? I'm always intrested in learning more physiology and kinesology.
Kind of. They were given at the BAB course for coaching. All references came from NSCPP. Look them up. Otherwise, I'd look at medical journals.

A lot of that was due to keeping kids safe in sport movement within the UK after some parents sued sport coaches because they made the kids do things that included the risk of injuries.

As I do not teach kids, I never looked more deeply into it. Although it seems reasonable. Of course, I think that you can do wrist locks if you are careful. How careful, I do not know. Again, I don't teach kids.

[quote=Rebecca Montange]???? I started training when I was 12. My wrists are fine. So are my brother's. [\QUOTE]

Anecdotes are not evidence. Just because you are fine does not mean that everyone else is. I said that there was a risk of injuries -- use of can as a possibility not a certitude. See above.

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