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Re: Gokyo-why?

Steve Morabito wrote:
We practiced Gokyo this week with Uke using a tanto and a yokomen strike. It becomes apparent why one would use Gokyo as opposed to, say, Ikkyo in this situation. (Gokyo splints Uke's wrist and the weapon is immobilized and out of the way.) Are there other situations or attack forms where Gokyo appears to be the "better" choice? Why? Are folks practicing Gokyo regularly? From what attack forms do you practice it? Does Gokyo have the same value as other immobilizations?
The ikkyu and gokyu and of course quite similar. But they are used in slightly different situations. In this case (tanto + yokomen strike) depending on how the attacker are actually holding the knife. If the blade is pointing upwards to his thumb, a ikkyu could just as well. But if the blade is pointing downwards towards the little finger, a gokyu is better, as you don't cut yourself on the blade just as easyly. You can control his hand better and stay safer. I believe Ian expalined it pretty well.
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