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Re: Shodokan, Tomiki, Aikikai?

Yann Golanski wrote:
Tomiki sensei always kept his Aikido and Judo separate. There were no techniques from one passing into the other.

The only technique that I was told was inspired by judo is gedan ate. However, to me it looks like what a koshinage -- at least that's how I make it work. Not sure if that's correct though...
Tomiki saw Aikido as part of a broader Judo. I read the book Judo and Aikido (from the 50's) and this is how I still view Tomiki Aikido.

Tomiki broke the Principles of Judo into 2 categories.
1) Aiki Techniques
2) Randori Techniques

Tomiki saw that Judo focused more on Nage-waza and Katamae-waza (both Randori Techniques), and neglected Kansetsu-waza and Atemi-waza (Aiki Techniques).

He said that in order to master Judo, Kansetsu-waza and Atemi-waza could not be overlooked. Especially from the viewpoint of Self-Defense. This is where Aikido came in.

I see Tomiki Aikido and Judo as complimenting each other.

While Judo and Tomiki Aikido don't share the same techniques, the underlying principles are the same. The technique really isn't important from this point of view and they really become the same thing.

I've often heard Tomiki Aikido called Judo at arms length.
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