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Re: VERY Basic Footwork Question

Deborah Bell wrote:
i have a question to add to this thread myself if thats ok.
doing irimi tenkan etc, i keep getting told off for pointing my toes in whilst doing the step forward. i can see the logic in that if done quickly one can risk going over on the ankle. however, it hurts and i find it harder doing it with the foot straight. its the wrong kind of 'hurt' and 'harder', as my foot naturally moves toes in when i step forward due to a knee injury in the past. it put pressure on the knee if i try to step with the foot straight, then i cant tenkan smoothly.
As one knee-damaged person to another: If your overall body mechanics are sound--that is, your hip, knee, foot is aligned well--then clearly you have found what works for your disability.
A student who is sufficiently motivated to find ways to safely adapt, due to a physical limitation, in order to be able to continue training seems to me like a student who merits encouragement.
Of course I'm biased on the subject :-)

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