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Re: VERY Basic Footwork Question

Mark Freeman wrote:

And you tell me I'm wrong..

I must remember to talk to my Sensei tomorrow and explain that what he does after 50 years in Aikido is suspect, because "he doesn't know how to turn correctly" I doubt if he'll pay much attention.
Which come to think of it is what I should have done with your post.


Yes, you're wrong.

Don't talk to your sensei, show him/her what you wrote and ask him/her if your understanding of his/her teaching is correct.

" We train to change direction by shifting weight from one foot to the other, lifting and turning the 'light foot' and putting it back down on the ground, shifting weight again."

It seems to me that you haven't turn your body yet.
At what point, do you turn your body in your description? Did you forget to write or you didn't when to turn your body?
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