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Re: Shodokan, Tomiki, Aikikai?

Although very many Judo players are caught up in the "competition only" aspect of things, it is a rare treat to find those who practice it for the .

From my experiences in Judo I can't say that those guys are pushovers (pardon the pun), but if one knows one's Aiki and trains to deal with resistance like they do, then it will be an interesting encounter at the very least.

Hmm.. that reminds me of one of my own Judo stories, but I won't bore you guys with that.

What I have found with my own Shodokan students who do Judo is that their approach to Judo randori is different and they are less likely to try and muscle technique, preferring to work on precise tai sabaki and a good kuzushi.

Even in Judo newaza they have found ways of utilizing kansetsu waza principles from Aikido to gain leverage to execute Judo pins and chokes.

The blend is just perfect, keeps the Judo guys thinking too, so the learning goes both ways.

I think its a mistake however to underestimate any person, regardless of the art they practice.

Just my 2 cents.


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