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Re: Religion and Aikido

Some words from the Sufis:

"Describe an existance as you will; if you wish,you can say it is creature; if you wish, you can say it is God; and if you wish, you can say it is God-creature; or else, if you wish, you can say that it isn't God in every aspect and that it isn't creature in every aspect; or yet again you can speak of perplexity." IBN ARABI

" 'I' and 'you' are but the lattices,
In the niches of a lamp,
Through which the One Light shines.
'I' and 'you' are the veil
Between heaven and earth;
Lift this veil and you will see
No longer the bond of sects and creeds.
When 'I' and 'you' don't exist,
What is mosque, what is synagogue?
What is the Temple of Fire?" SA'D AL-DIN MAHMUD
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