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Re: iwama kamae

The thing is Raul, that H. Saito has a very well thought out kamae with respect to the principles of aikido as he sees them. That means that: follow him and you will be good. Inagaki and Isoyama have the same ideas with respect to their respective kamae (which btw do not look identical with each others or with M. Saito AFAI'm concerned) So the same can be said for them. Follow them (exactly as they say and do) then you will also be good at aikido! Their focus are just not on the same things, but I'm sure that whatever kind of kamae these guys have they are all true to the fundamental principles of aikido.
Feel a shihonage at the end of Inagaki or Isoyama or Hitohiro and I'm sure that it will, irrespective of their kamae preferences feel:
Effortless and

What they say wrt how good or bad other deshis aikido is or was will have to stand for them. Always.
I, personally, always dislike blatant coments about other peoples aikido irrespective who makes them and irrespective if I personally follow same persons teachings.


Jakob Blomquist
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