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Re: iwama kamae

It matters because all weekend we were told that "Iwama aikido is O-sensei's aikido" and that if we didn't get the kamae right, everything else was wrong. If Hitohiro is going to be such a stickler for the "right" kamae (and say outright that all the other deshi of his father in Hombu dojo didn't know anything about kamae, suburi, or using the hips), then I would like to know that in fact his kamae was O-Sensei's kamae, and not a later development that came after O-sensei had died. What I hear from Jakob is that Iwama aikido kamae, at least in Inagaki and Isoyama and probably the elder Saito, was once quite different from what Hitohiro does.

In the end, we all find our own aikido. We find what works for us, as long as the principles are observed (lowering the hips, etc, as Jakob says). But if people are going to make large claims for their own aikido and denigrate the aikido of other sensei, then the burden of proof on them becomes a little heavier--or so I would think.
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