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Re: should there be an age for black belts?

Touchy but I will go there.
I think as a higher ranked student, your sensei has placed a little faith in you to bring the lower ranks up through the system,(whatever your system may be). But really your sensei should not use you as a "tool" until you reach shodan, at least. "But" If you are placed with a weaker or lesser ranked student for a bit of kata, you should look at it as a god sent, not a burden. "Spred the love", look at that child, give that child some experience, give that child the uke or gental nage that that child needs.Bit of give and you shall get a bit, I think! But as far as belts given (or rank) your sensei gives a guy who is 16 a shodan, if he gets "belt head" and then sensei will hold him back! But if he is mature enough to handle it, others will take urami and press on with their life and give those little guys some aikido love! IMO

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