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Re: iwama kamae

"Your butt should be sticking out a bit," is exactly what I was told by Dennis Tatoian Sensei, who was translating for Hitohiro right after he (Saito) poked me in the middle with his bokken. So I don't think I was misunderstanding the instructions. I've been training for ten years in aikido to keep my back straight, to maintain a certain distance between my feet, to keep my butt in, so I might have been having a worse time than an absolute beginner at the seminar.

Clearly, Hitohiro's kamae works for him. His movement was powerful, smooth and very relaxed. I took ukemi for him a few times and was impressed with the effortlessness. My question remains: does this kamae come from his father's kamae circa 1972 to, say, 1975, when Morihiro was writing Traditional Aikido (my benchmark for Iwama aikido) or is it a revision that was made since then?
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