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to people who avoid training with beginners, people who can't shut up and
I avoid training with beginners because I'm a beginner myself--they don't need to learn immature technique from me.

just train, people who ignore the technique demonstrated because they learned to do their sankyo "this other way", and indeed
Well, first time it's just difference of technique. An instructor will correct them here. Beyond that it's just rude, and I don't think it would be looked upon very favorably...

people who apparently are too important to tidy up the mats after a class. (I'm
Uh... as we say in the zendo, cleaning is practice. Someone who didn't help clean wouldn't be welcome in our dojo. If you saw us on the Discovery channel in Sept., you'll notice Sensei yelling at one of our yudansha, Jim, to clean better, heh.

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