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Re: Religion and Aikido

Erick Mead wrote:
From the same place as those of BinLaden's own moral echo chamber. One's own opinions or those closest to you are not a safe enough guide. Traditions winnow things like this to give more relaiable counsel. Bin Laden, and the IRA have each departed far even from their own moral traditions.
Hi Erick
I guess you cannot recognise that it is possible for a man to be 'moral' without some belief/faith in some 'higher order' as that is your experience. One a number of occasions you have tried to explain that relying on my own sense of 'morality' is not enough, "One's own opinions or those closest to you are not a safe enough guide"
My point about the Bin Laden's is that they get their morality from a book that they insist gives them the right to kill 'non belivers'. That is not them sitting quietly meditating on themselves and their relationship with their fellow man, it is them acting out of blind 'faith' in the 'teachings' of their sacred texts, made worse by the belief in a specific reward in 'heaven'
To re emphasise my point - for the last time - if the text or the belief in such did not exist, then the excuse to slaughter people that have done you no harm, does not exist.
They may as you say have departed from their own moral traditions, but on Friday and Sunday, you'll know where to look for them.

Aiki requires us to meet and respond to the forces of those in confilct with us, but not by breaking them in the process. If we begin with the mindset of Aikido that people make mistakes in both beginning conflict and in continuing it, then we try to ameliorate the error, rather than to eliminate the one mistaken.
We agree on something



p.s. in post # 67 you start "To throw Mark a rope" do think that I am drowning??

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