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Mark Freeman
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Re: VERY Basic Footwork Question

Roosvelt Freeman wrote:
You don't even know how to make a turn correctly.
You obviously have a problem my friend, in that you read something and completely disregard what is being said and retort with your own 'bias' opinion.

The fact that you say what you say is proof of that. I was trying to explain that there is more than one way of doing some things 'correctly' And that I had tried a number of different ways, and had found what works best for me.

And you tell me I'm wrong..

I must remember to talk to my Sensei tomorrow and explain that what he does after 50 years in Aikido is suspect, because "he doesn't know how to turn correctly" I doubt if he'll pay much attention.
Which come to think of it is what I should have done with your post.


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