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Re: Shodokan, Tomiki, Aikikai?

Most Aikidoists wouldn't last against most Judoka. It simply a matter of how they train. I think that the "lurkers" you mention are already a self selective bunch - those willing to put their body on the line
This paragraph confuses me. The first two sentences remind me of someone who just started Aikido or a part time practioner. How are those willing to put their body on the line a self selective bunch? Sorry I have a low vocabulary.
I'm not like most practioners of Aikido. I have a will to tap it's full potential. I'm not some part time martial artists. I will continue to practice everyday until I reach perfection. Aikido is a martial art above all else it's just not some dance you do in the dojo. All who face me will fall before me one day. However I don't think Aikido's full potential is beating a bunch of Judoka like Tohei did.
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