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Re: Shodokan, Tomiki, Aikikai?

Tohei knew Judo before he started Aikido - he was also quite the size.

Most Aikidoists wouldn't last against most Judoka. It simply a matter of how they train. I think that the "lurkers" you mention are already a self selective bunch - those willing to put their body on the line - but I definately would not use the word usually.

I was used to full resistance training but based on my experience and talking with other Shodokan Aikido folks that made the same trip two observations come to mind.

1. Shutting down a Judoka's technique is much easier than tossing a Judoka.
2. Judoka can shut your technique down much easier than tossing you.

Detect a trend? I sure can. I've heard Aikidoists from other styles make similar observations.

Shomen-ate works quite well, so does ushio-ate - but your timing has to be real good.

Chuck Clark's gedan-ate story - I wont put words in his mouth but I bet he wont disagree with me.

Peter Rehse Shodokan Aikido
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