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Re: Shodokan, Tomiki, Aikikai?

I would not dismiss Judo guys so easily. Have you done any Judo?
Do Judo? No way! I'd rather fight against it to see what it's like. The gentle way? Most of the serious Judo players I know are very musclular. I was saying that they have become weak because they only train for competition and only rely on brute strength. They hardly train joint locking techniques because it's not allowed in competition. I'd like to see them grab me while I shomen-ate their butt. Okay I know that part is just talking trash. Anyways.....
Judo players usually lose to lurkers for some reason. I was reading Chuck Clark's post about how one of his student went to a Judo competition and used gedan-ate and they were like WTF just happened. Dude Tohei beat their butt. I'm nowhere as good as Tohei so that's not a good example.

Peter. What is up with this picture?

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