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Lyle Bogin
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Re: VERY Basic Footwork Question

Stay on your toes, I think, is a good guideline while you move naturally. The full foot turn is good for some movements too. When I used to do a lot of sparring, seeing someone on their heels meant I could go for a leg kick, sweep, or even a knockdown strike to the chest since they are already falling backwards a bit. Also, when doing "ki exercizes" I dunno what my "ki" is doing but if I stay with my weight sunk into my toes/ball of the foot I pass all of the tests.

Pivoting on your heels will seem easier to most people at the beginning because you remove the ankle and toes from the movement. This means less parts to coordinate, and less weight being supported by the calf. After many pivots it will feel more natural, and your mobility and stability will improve. You can speed up the strengthening process by doing calf raises, always followed by a stretch.
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