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Re: Towards a unified A´kido ?

Pragmatically, how would you unify the syllabus of Ki Society and Aikikai schools, given that Tohei sensei removed from the KS curriculum techniques that Aikikai regards as fundamental (i.e. iriminage, kotagaeshi, koshinage)?

I think it would be exceptionally difficult either to force Ki Society schools to teach throws that they regard as unsafe or contrary to their style, or to force Aikikai schools to give up throws that they regard as fundamental. A lot of dojo would probably go independent rather than make such a drastic change.

On the other hand, as a Ki Society student who cross-trains with the Aikikai, I don't feel that the split has done me any harm. I occasionally get confronted with a technique I don't know, but I think it's good for me--keeps me on my toes. And once the basic principles are learned it's not really that hard to pick up new techniques.

Any reputable aikido school will teach you what you need to know to do aikido, and then you can go out and do aikido with anyone you please and learn from them. That's a great thing, a real strength of the art. The only possible exception is that if your dojo de-emphasizes breakfalls you'll need to inform practice partners of this, and work on learning them to keep yourself safe.

Mary Kaye
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