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Mark Freeman
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Re: VERY Basic Footwork Question

Roosvelt Freeman wrote:
Your sensei is right. Ball-pivoting is correct way.
As you can see from other posts there are more ways than one to achieve a similar end.

Where I train, emphisis is given neither to the balls of the feet or the heels, but to use the foot as naturally as possible. When one walks, both the heel and ball are employed, usually in one smooth motion.

We train to change direction by shifting weight from one foot to the other, lifting and turning the 'light foot' and putting it back down on the ground, shifting weight again. Hence no reliance on either the ball or the heel.

I have tried all three ways, and for me the heel puts me way off balance, swiveling on the ball can be reliant on the amount of friction between skin and surface, so lifting the whole foot and turning works best for me!

So Ball-pivoting is 'a' way not the only correct way,



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