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Re: Religion and Aikido

Mark Freeman wrote:
So far in fact I'm about to fall off.
... The Bin Laden's of this world carry out their deeds safe in the knowledge that they are morally right, they'll even be rewarded for being so 'moral'. Personally I'll stick to being responsible for my own actions and being judged by what I do by those around me.
Where did the morals of a catholic IRA man come from when he blew up a group of unsuspecting innocents?
From the same place as those of BinLaden's own moral echo chamber. One's own opinions or those closest to you are not a safe enough guide. Traditions winnow things like this to give more relaiable counsel. Bin Laden, and the IRA have each departed far even from their own moral traditions.

Aiki requires us to meet and respond to the forces of those in confilct with us, but not by breaking them in the process. If we begin with the mindset of Aikido that people make mistakes in both beginning conflict and in continuing it, then we try to ameliorate the error, rather than to eliminate the one mistaken.

Technique gives us means to do this. Tradition tells us how far they should be applied.

Erick Mead
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