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Re: VERY Basic Footwork Question

some instructors teach pivoting on the heels, others on the balls of the feet (it would be actually on the "balls" under the big toes). I teach pivoting on the balls because that's a more balanced way of doing it.
Try this. Walk fast or run on your heels, then walk fast or run on the balls of your feet. Feel the difference in balance, you'll find that you have more balance walking on the balls of your feet than on the heels. So its a matter of balance.
When you are new, seems easier to pivot on the heels, that's because you're not "lifting" the wieght of your body to pivot (you don't use your calves muscles) so the weight, goes from the heels right into the ground, so you feel lighter and faster. But balance is really poor. Even more if you make several pivots.
When you pivot on the balls of your feet, you're actually slightly lifting the weight of your body, using the muscles of the calves, so you feel heavier and slower, but with practice you'll get used to using your calves muscles to carry your body weight, and you'll be able to turn faster and most importantly, with good balance.

I tried to be as clear as possible, but English is not my native language. Hope you get the idea.

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