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Re: Shodokan, Tomiki, Aikikai?

Yann Golanski wrote:
Tomiki sensei always kept his Aikido and Judo separate. There were no techniques from one passing into the other.

The only technique that I was told was inspired by judo is gedan ate. However, to me it looks like what a koshinage -- at least that's how I make it work. Not sure if that's correct though...
Lets look at principle not technique and there is more in common than you think.
aigamae ate and shomen ate:share the some priciple as the first technique from Judo Itsutsu no kata and tai the first technique from koshiki no kata.
gyakugamae ate: kodaore 7th technique Judo koshiki no kata
gedan ate: uchi kudaki 8th technique koshiki no kata
ushiro ate: ryokuhi and shikoro dori 3rd and 11th techniques of koshiki no kata
There are many others hiki taoshi for example. Tomiki Sensei in his teachings on the modernisation of Ju Jutsu classified Ju jutsu technique into four catogories:
1.Atemi Waza
2.Kansetsu Waza
3.Nage Waza
4.Katamae Waza
In Judo we practice Nage waza and Katamae waza in Aikido we practice Atemi waza and Kansetsu waza. And he personally said to my sensei that there is about a 30% crossover between Judo and Aikido.And to quote Tomiki Sensei from his book Judo appendix Aikido "Aiki means making your spirit fit in with your opponent's. After all it means the samething as the principle of gentleness (Ju), for it is an explanation of the priciple from within."
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