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Re: What to pass on?

I think the most important advice was something I read in the book "The Spirit of Aikido" by the second Doshu, Ueshiba Kisshomaru. It was about the "Joy of Practice". He said:

" It is a matter of pride that the vast majority practice Aikido with great seriousness and dedication. But when it comes to the question of how many truly enjoy a pleasant and joyful training experience, I cannot say that the number is that great. Many practice Aikido using excessive force, others with grim resolution, and still others lack confidence and practice very tentatively.

It is a delight to see practitioners who really enjoy their workout. Many have been practicing for five, ten or more years, following their own pace and making Aikido a part of their daily routine. They appear at the dojo, perform without much ado, throwing and being thrown, quietly following instructions and leave when the class is over. They seem uninterested in promotion and have the manner of people who are enjoying themselves. They make the best Aikido students."

Truer words were never spoken
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