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Re: Religion and Aikido

Edwin Neal wrote:
WOW this thread has really gotten out there into the fringes... ;-))
So far in fact I'm about to fall off.

Being moral by one's own lights is not enough, and is in fact downright dangerous
I'm not sure how you can come to that conclusion. As already mentioned I feel that the opposite is the case. By having a 'higher' morality to refer to has allowed men to carry out appalling atrocities. The Bin Laden's of this world carry out their deeds safe in the knowledge that they are morally right, they'll even be rewarded for being so 'moral'. Personally I'll stick to being responsible for my own actions and being judged by what I do by those around me.

I've yet to be convinced that those of 'faith' act in a more moral way than the rest of us.

I count myself lucky that I live in a country where religion is practiced by a minority, and that they have complete freedom to do so.

Many of my generation have grown up watching the awful spectacle of sectarian violence taking place in Northern Ireland, some of us being innocent victims in the bombing campaigns on the mainland. I'm sure seeing this rediculous hate filled feuding between religious believers, turned many of my generation away from the church for good.

Where did the morals of a catholic IRA man come from when he blew up a group of unsuspecting innocents?

I've fallen off the edge .............



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