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Edwin Neal
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Re: Towards a unified A´kido ?

I like the diverse, but inclusive as I believe that is the state of the art now; however I am not suggesting uniformity in waza or methodology... the teachers that were used as illustrations were all "blessed" or authorized by Osensei... each great teacher will interpret aikido in their own unique way... and we do the "Tohei hop" sometimes... one must be flexible in how a technique can be applied... my real point with a core of knowledge that is central to all aikido organization ( which i believe is the the case ) would possibly help keep frauds from trying to teach whatever they want as aikido... I feel we owe it to all aikidoka past, present and future to preserve the integrity of our art... not let it be whittled away by hucksters from the outside... i am NOT saying uniform aikirobots, but some kind of quality control, and a reasonable amount of aikido cultural literacy to ensure that potential students are not cheated and possibly "put off" and never try any MA again...

ps the original "split" happened after Osensei's passing and was between Tohei and K. Ueshiba... the united states are a collection of differing organizations (states) united by commonalities... why can't aikido be similar...

Edwin Neal

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