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Re: Towards a unified A´kido ?

Had another funny thought. So we unify Aikido under one flag of compliance. We're all told the proper way to perform the techniques. The inspectors come from Honbu (or wherever) annually to keep us in line. The word Aikido can't be used except by those deemed acceptable. The end of the McDojo.

But there is descent in the ranks. Factions who question the status quo. They travel from dojo to dojo spreading their subversive ideas about what is and isn't aikido. The Aiki terrorists. You never know who's one. Is the guy in line next to you a subversive? The girl you just practiced with...? Should you bow to them? What if they're exposed...? will you be implicated? And of course, Honbu will insert their counter agents, assigned to infiltrate the subversive ranks... I see Keefer Sullivan as the head agent for Honbu, or Steven Segal... who plays the leader of the subversives...? Maybe David Carradine... we have a hit on our hands!
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