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Re: Aikido in football

I had a student who was playing 6th grade football. He asked me to watch him play one Sat. I noticed that on the defensive line, that he would try to run through the offensive line to get to the QB. I asked him at school one day why he didn't just blend and pass off the offensive lineman trying to block him out. He said that his coach told him to run through the line.

I showed him how to blend with the attack and pass the attacker off one day during recess. The next Sat. he had 4 sacks in the first quarter of the game. Each time he made a sack, he would look at me and just smile because he was doing what I taught him.

Coaches are creatures of habit. They will teach a certain way until they start loosing then they will either learn a better way or they will be replaced by a better coach. I was always a Tom Landry fan. The reason Tom started loosing so many games towards the end of his coaching career was because every other coach either knew his tactics or they had coached under him. Most coaches will not try using aikido principles unless the have a need to even if it will make their teams better.
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