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Adam Alexander
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Re: VERY Basic Footwork Question

What a refreshing question!

Although I'm no expert, I'd add a little. My position is that a Sensei is a guide--he or she isn't necessarily telling you "it must be done exactly like this." It's more "this is the direction, make adjustments to make it work."

I've found lots of little lessons in the whole "ball of the foot" thing. It's worth investigating. If you're "crooked," you still have a center of balance--it's a spot that might be a little off from the same point in others, but it's still a distinct spot. I'd think that your body might appear off balance to the average person by compensating for some personal peculiarity, but your Sensei will be able to tell.

Very refreshing. I hope I added to this exchange. Keep in mind if you use my advice, that this might not apply to your situation. It's just been my experience.

Best of luck.
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