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Re: Aikido in football

I think Aikido is a great help to pretty much any sport. I'm a small guy and playing tackle football against a 6', 190lbs. guy wouldn't seem to be something I should be good at, but I was able to tackle pretty easily using aiki principles. I was also able to avoid being tackled, more or less, in the same way. Also, I was able to tackle someone by myself most of the time, but it always took two or three people to get me down. It was great fun!
I played soccer before I ever knew what AIkido was, but there were times where the smaller kid that was me would kick the ball at the same time, though in the opposite direction, as someone quite a bit bigger, but they'd fall over and I'd keep going right through them. The feeling was just like when I now extend my "ki" in a good Aikido technique.
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