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Re: Books/Videos for Beginners

Mark Uttech wrote:
I guess what I meant to say, is that reading the book "The Spirit of Aikido" , I distinctly remember reading a passage that advised: "don't buddy up to sensei." And so I never did. I never knew much at all about my sensei's personal life, I looked to them to simply teach me aikido. I think the arrangement worked very well. Even after 20+ years, our relationship is very cordial. Whenever we see one another, we bow. Sometimes we make small talk, sometimes we don't say anything.
Thanks for the clarification Mark. The student teacher relationship in aikido is / can be a 'special' relationship in it's own right, so the advice is good. I have seen some pretty messy stuff going on when relationships get in the way of practice ( possibly the subject of a new thread?? I'm sure it must have been discussed before).

Anyway, cheers,


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