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Mark Freeman
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Re: Towards a unified A´kido ?

Edwin Neal wrote:
I do think an effort to unify aikido SHOULD be made for a variety of reasons... the most notable is the Mcdojo where some guy with little or no true knowledge or authority to teach starts claiming to TEACH aikido... this is a real problem for me... i enjoy the variety of aikido, but I want people to be getting aikido and not bunk being marketed by some unscrupulous fraud... and I think the fact that people say unification is not possible because of EGO's is patently ridiculous... aikido is supposed to be about harmony... if this is true then egocentrism runs counter to the fundamental principles of aikido... I explored this in a thread in the testing forum and was really disappointed in the response that most people gave a kind of apathetic "oh well that's just not gonna happen" we as students of Osensei must respect and cherish his legacy and ensure that it is what he intended and not perverted by frauds and egoists...
Hi Edwin,
I agree with what you say, but still the question remains, Who would or could attempt the process?


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