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Jorge Garcia
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Re: VERY Basic Footwork Question

Hi Nicholas! I think that it does make a difference which way you do it. It has been shown in general theory that your balance is better the way your Sensei says than the way you want to do it. Often, when we are beginning, the Aikido way of doing things seems odd and feels strange. Its like when someone says, "Why can't I step instead of slide?" The answer is that in martial arts, it has been shown that sliding the foot is more efficient and in keeping with other movements, if we slide instead of step. If I were you, I would try as hard as I can to do what my Sensei says, no matter what the reasoning otherwise may be. If he sees at some point in the future that you have a physical problem, then I am sure he will recommend an adjustment but at least you will have learned the "standard" way and you will understand that he let you do that differently because of a physical defect.
There are two seemingly contradictory principles in play here. 1) is that you can do almost anything you really want to do if you want to badly enough. For example,the man with no legs can get around if he wants to badly enough. The blind can make their way around a city, even though they can't see.
2) In order to do that, you can make unusual adjustments to make up for your deficiency. It must first be proven though that you really can't do it the first way.

"It is the philosophy that gives meaning to the method of training."
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