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Re: Shodokan or Tomiki Aikido?

Originally posted by Kami

YAMANTAKA : Take a look at this page :

As you see, it's not just the Editor or anybody else, but its own practitioners that call Shodokan also Tomiki... But of course I agree with you and I think Tomiki himself was against that usage.
I know, those 'Tomiki' people are much more annoying than everyone else. The british ones annoy me even more, and dont even get me started on the BAA.

Nariyama Shihan recently wrote a short essay on the Shodokan Website, to explain why Tomiki sensei didn't like the term "Tomiki style".

I have some old copies of 'Judo' magazines (the official journal of the British Judo Association) from the late 1960's, in which 'traditional' aikido was referred to as 'Ueshiba-ryu', I wonder how O Sensei would have felt about that.

(If he read the article in question, he might not have been impressed anyway. The traditional aikidoka in question were participating in the second aikido competition ever to be held in the UK, in September 1969. According to the article, they were distinguishable from the 'Tomiki' aikidoka by their large, circular, flowing technique, and of course by their hakama!)


Anyway, I really advise everybody to subscribe to Aikido Journal on Line. The subscription lasts for one year and is really cheap for all it offers.
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Thanks Ubaldo, maybe I will. (If nobody brings a copy of those two back-issues back from Osaka, I'll have to. )


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