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Question VERY Basic Footwork Question

I just started aikido training, and I already have a question.

We've only had one class so far, and we mainly covered lots of very basic things like stance, position, some movement, and some initial technique-lets that will be built into real techniques.

My question, though, is about pivotting, of all things. We learned the tenken circle-step, and another pivot which I don't know if there's a name for, where you basically reverse your position. For instance, if you start out in left kamae, you rotate around your center and pivot on both feet 180 degrees, still maintaining left kamae but facing the opposite direction.

Sensei instructed us to pivot by slightly lifting our heels and turning on the balls of our feet, and this seems to be pretty consistent through what I've read.

I'm practicing it that way, but I find it infinitely easier to maintain balance, center, and control if I pivot *on* my heels instead, lifting the balls of my feet slightly.

Because of some joint-construction issues (I was a crooked baby ), I'm used to having to do things differently some times to balance myself and align my center, but pivoting on my heels rather than on the balls of my feet seems more drastic.

Apart from correctness of technique, would I be looking at any particular problems by heel-pivoting?

Thanks, all!
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