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Re: Senshin Center's Exchange "Arriving"

Yes, I guess that would say something - but do you know or have you heard of anyone that did such a thing - where they were asked, "Where are you from?" and then they get defensive? Doesn't the person out to commit fraud now just pull some papers out for one to see? If that is the case, again, shouldn't one be more trusting of what they are seeing and feeling first hand and less trusting of the paperwork?
Ummmm...You have heard of Juko-kai right? Don Cunningham life was threatened for pointing out their fraudulent practices. He was taken to court for naming them in a journal article about their practices -- he won that fight. Members of my former dojo told me if I didn't like the claims they were making I should "challenge" them and they'd show me what "effective is." This is Juko-kai I'm talking about not the differences between Chiba aikido or Yamada aikido.

Yes, newbies going in won't know the difference between the All Japan Kobudo Bushido Organization and the Aikikai/Ki Society/Yoshinkan, but they will know what it means to have a question answered simply, directly and respectfully. My recommendation to people is to run fast from people giving a hyped up sales pitch, playing games, reprimanding or growing defensive with their question. Such a rationale is not based on whether Chiba, Yamada, Tomiki, or Sarchonarski is better or most qualified but on how well the prospective student is treated as a human being. A potential student does not surrender their dignity when they walk into a dojo. You see I believe instructors should have some humility, enough to treat those who are not their equal in martial arts with decency and respect. Juko Kai was the high sales pitch variety. Someone would walk into the door and on went the sales starting with "we're more effective than Aikikai" of course these folks have never trained with folks like Shibata or Chiba Sensei.

When I read you initial response to your "arrival" all I could see was someone getting reprimanded for asking a commonly asked question -- and a question that newbies are told to ask. If you didn't want to place an emphasis on it, why not respond by telling them all the information he needs to know is on your website? No, you choose to "teach him" something instead.

And I'll go back to what I was trying to say. I tell people looking for a martial art to ask this question. I tell them to ask where they train, how long and with whom. It's not about lineage it's about whether and instructor will be respectful to you as a student, and whether they will treat you as a human being. If they are straight and honest and don't play power games, then it will be a good school -- regardless of association, rank, etc.

Anne Marie Giri
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