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Re: Senshin Center's Exchange "Arriving"

Yes, I guess that would say something - but do you know or have you heard of anyone that did such a thing - where they were asked, "Where are you from?" and then they get defensive? Doesn't the person out to commit fraud now just pull some papers out for one to see? If that is the case, again, shouldn't one be more trusting of what they are seeing and feeling first hand and less trusting of the paperwork? Additionally, I would chalk this up as what I am saying anyhow - about how one should trust more what they are feeling and seeing first hand (in this case someone being defensive when asked about their past). If you look to the paperwork, it's going to tell you nothing about how or why this person is being defensive - if anything, if you believe in it, it's going to tell you what a great guy he really is, how he's just having an off day that day that you came in, how we're all human, whatever, etc.

On the other topic, how about commenting some on how your dojo helps newbies make informed decisions, etc.? No one else has said something... :-( This is the part I think would be the most interesting - the most helpful.


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