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Re: Religion and Aikido

Mark Uttech wrote:
Of course, 'everything as it is' includes omote and ura. Aikido actually is the discovery of 'more of me.' On the one hand, Budo is translated as "to stop the thrusting spear" and on the other hand, it is translated as: "hey you! stop thrusting with the spear!"
A good counterpoint, in that the boundaries of "I" are expandable to include our seeming enemies. O-Sensei surely taught that. The subjective "I" is the omote to the ura of the objective "you." And vice versa. (perhaps infinitely regressed).

If a card-carrying atheist said that, though, I would wonder...
Ex. 3:14 and Matt. 16:15-16 suggest themeselves to me. Or the Dhammapada 1:2-5, if you prefer:

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