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Re: Towards a unified A´kido ?

Ron Tisdale wrote:
Personally, I enjoy the differences, having trained with folks from Yoshinkan, Yoseikan, Aikikai, Iwama, Daito ryu, and independents. I wouldn't wish any of them to change. In fact, I'm a little jealous that you have access to Yoseikan Budo. Those guys do a lot of different stuff very well.
From that point of view, it makes more sense. In fact, I do like very much the Yoseikan approach. Somewhat different that A´kika´, but still very dynamic. I really enjoy sacrifice trows (they're called "sutemis" I think).

So, to sum up : diversity is not a minus, rather a plus. Right ?

I understand what everyone is pointing out. Being forced to move to another Dojo/style made me see a different approach, made me encounter different people. So with hindsight, I must agree that this was quite an advantage.

I guess that I was too worried about a possible kind of "return on investment" in the future if I'm forced once again to change Dojo.

I'm grateful for the replies you all made. Thanks for your time.

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