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Re: Practicing perceiving other energy?

James Davis, Jr. wrote:
As for "feeling" an attack coming, I think that the original poster's sensei could have used different words to get his student to concentrate on the impending attack.
Well, I've got a second to post while things reboot here at work.

Based on what I read the teacher is not teaching his students to focus on an impending attack. I'm all for the type of study you described but this teacher had the students close their eyes and move wherever they moved based on what they thought they sensed. I've seen that stuff done before and it's just plain rife with opportunities for self-delusion because there are no controls on the experience. In other words, you can't "ever" know if you actually felt something because people will just start moving while imagining that they felt something. This, unfortunately, validates both the teacher's delusions and the students.

The only way to "know" is to engage the process in meaningful testing which is "never" done in this type of dojo, or frankly, any dojo.
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