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Re: Shodokan Aikido Interview

Originally posted by PeterR
There were two back to back issues of Aikinews which featured Shodokan Aikido. One of those contained an interview with my teacher Tetsuro Nariyama. Unfortunately the real meat is in the subscribers only portion but in any case the public part can be found

Its an excellent job answering many of the points raised again and again on these forums.
Thanks, Peter, that makes an interesting read. (Even though it stops just as its really getting down to business.)

Apparently, there will be printed copies of those issues available at the festival in Osaka, so hopefully I'll get to read the whole thing when everybody comes back.

(My local dojo is a suddenly a rather lonely place to be, lots of people have left for Osaka in the last few days.)

I heard a rumour that Nariyama and Shishida Shihans' book is finally going to be available in english and on sale in Osaka next week. Do you know anything about this? Maybe its just wishful thinking.

I also heard there's going to be some TV coverage of the tournament on NHK. I dont have any means of watching NHK, unfortunately, but hopefully that will mean there'll be some very good quality video footage around, for those of us who can't be there.


PS: Its a bit annoying that the Editor refers to Shihan as "Tetsuro Nariyama of Tomiki Aikido", though.
As far as I know, he never refers to Yoshinkan as "Shioda Aikido", or to Yoseikan as "Mochizuki Aikido", so whats so difficult about calling Shodokan by its proper name?

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