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Re: Senshin Center's Exchange "Arriving"

Joshua Reyer wrote:
Think Mr. Valadez's idea of taking any lineage with a gigantic grain of salt is a fine one. And it's a natural extension of the idea that "a belt's just something to hold your gi pants up." Not to mention that the guy with the high dan, great lineage, and real skills may not be as good a teacher as the nidan beginners' class teacher without the great lineage.
All that said, I think Mr. Valadez's idea of not asking nor caring about lineages works a lot better in his situation, where a student is usually vouched-for before hand (rather than walking in off the street) and has the opportunity to experience a month's free trial. For the typical dojo, getting as much info as possible is the way to go. (Although I still don't know what rank my current sensei is, nor am I particularly inclined to ask...)
Well put. This is precisely what I was trying to say.
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