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Ai symbol Towards a unified A´kido ?

Hello everyone,

This question (or thread) comes from a 5th kyu.

I began A´kido 6 months ago and I'm really enjoying myself.

The first Dojo I visited followed the a´kika´ style and liked it. However, for personnal reasons, I had to change Dojo along the way.

Since there are no a´kika´ Dojos in my area, the Dojo I'm going to now follows another a´kido style, inspired by Sense´ Mochizuki (father). I'm really loving it. The sense´ and other students are really nice people.

Here is my question (or thread):

Yes, my first months at the A´kika´ Dojo helped me with my progression at the Dojo I'm going to these days. But, whenever I'm going to the Dojo, I can't help to think that going from one a´kido style to another is almost the same as going from one budo to another. Hence, if I would have been 3rd kyu or even shodan in a´kika´, I'm not sure that my rank would have been recognized as such in another Dojo that follows another style (Yoseikan, Yoshinkan, A´kibudo, etc.). The result : I would almost have to start all over again.

I would'nt say that this bothers me, but I'm still a bit preoccupied by the fact that seemingly, all a´kido styles are not made (or considered) equal.

That said, I'm wondering why there aren't any effort put in unifying and consolidating all a´kido styles. Or are there ?

That would'nt mean to throw away all particularities pertaining to each style, but could we at least provide a unified cursus upon which each "style" would build on ? Like, say, in medical studies. You start off by studying medecine, and then you choose to specialize in, for instance, surgery. A surgeon is still a doctor.

Maybe I'm being heretical, or naive, of both, to bring this up. Keep in mind that I'm new to this

Thanks in advance for your replies.

Have a nice day.

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